New Headway, Intermediate, Teacher’s book, Soars J., Soars L., Maris A., 2009

New Headway, Intermediate, Teacher's book, Fourth edition, Soars J., Soars L., Maris A., 2009.

   The Teachers Book offers the teacher full support both for lesson preparation and in the classroom.
• Full teaching notes for each section, with answers and tapescripts in the main body of the notes.
There are plenty of suggestions with ideas for exploiting the material with weaker students and/or mixed ability classes, for extending the Students Book material, and for encouraging students to use English outside the classroom.
• Background notes for the Reading and Listening sections with information about the people profiled in the texts, historical and geographical notes, and brief explanations about features of the English-speaking world.

New Headway, Intermediate, Teacher's book, Fourth edition, Soars J., Soars L., Maris A., 2009

The working week.
Language aims.
Grammar - present states and activities At intermediate level, students should be familiar with the form and most of the uses of the Present Simple and Continuous. They may still make mistakes in the use of the tenses, but should not require a complete remedial presentation. Therefore, the approach taken in the language review is one of contrasting the tenses, distinguishing states from activities, and reviewing state verbs and frequency adverbs. The basic rules of Present Simple for states, tacts, and habits, and Present Continuous for activities happening now or around now are consolidated via a range of contexts. The exceptions presented when using state verbs are given complete coverage in the unit. There are several opportunities for personalization in the Practice section, to encourage students’ ownership of the target language.

Active and passive The language syllabus is further developed with a focus on active and passive forms, presented via a set of statistics. Students are given opportunities to distinguish the correct use and to produce appropriate passive forms.

Unit 1 Tenses - Auxiliary verbs - Whal’s in a word? - Everyday situations.
Unit 2 Present tenses - Passive - Free time activities - Making small talk.
Unit 3 Past tenses - Spelling and pronunciation - Giving opinions.
Unit 4 Modal verbs - Phrasal and related verbs (1) - Polite requests and offers.
Unit 5 Future forms - may, might, could - Word building - Arranging to meet.
Unit 6 Information questions - Adjectives and adverbs - In a department store.
Unit 7 Present Perfect (simple, continuous, passive) - Making the right noises.
Unit 8 Verb patterns - Body language - Travel and numbers.
Unit 9 Gonditionals - Words with similar meaning - Dealing with money.
Unit 10 Noun phrases - Compound nouns - I need one of those things.
Unit 11 Modals of probability - Phrasal verbs (2) - Expressing attitude.
Unit  12Reported speech - Ways of speaking - You know what they say.
Extra ideas and vocabulary revision.

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