New Headway Beginner, Teacher s Notes, 2013

New Headway Beginner, Teacher's Notes, 2013.

  Smile, greet the class, and say your own name - Hello, I'm {Liz). Point to yourself to make the meaning clear. Point to the speech bubbles and play the recording.
Invite students to .say their own name, including the greeting Hello. If you have a very large group, you could ask a few students to say their name and then get students to continue in pairs. Keep this stage brief, as students will have the opportunity to introduce themselves and each other in the next section.

New Headway Beginner, Teacher's Notes, 2013

Good morning!
This section focuses on the appropriate greetings to use at different times of day, along with other simple phrases used in different everyday situations.

1 Focus attention on the photos and the gapped conversations. Use the photos, mime, and simple clocks on the board to explain that the situations show different times of day. Get two students to read out conversation 1, including the example. Write the complete conversation on the board and point out that Good morning is crossed out from the expressions in the box. Students continue completing the conversations, working in pairs and using the photos to help. Monitor and help, using the photos to help deal with any vocabulary queries.

[CD 1: Track 9] Play the recording and get students to check their answers. Students then practise the conversations in open and then in closed pairs. Encourage a wide voice range in expressions like What a lovely day! and See you later!

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