English plus 2, Student’s book, Wets B., Pye D.

English plus 2, Student's book, Wets B., Pye D.

   English Plus second edition builds students confidence through carefully staged practice with plenty of support for mixed ability classes. The one-page-one-lesson approach makes it easy to pick up and teach.

English plus 2, Students book, Wets B., Pye D.

Write present simple questions. Then write true short answers.
1 you / like / the countryside?
2 your friends / write blogs?
3 yourteacher / use/videos in class?
4 you / play / an instrument?
5 your friends / live / in town?
6 you and your friends / spend a lot of time / at the shops?

Listen to the dialogue and write true or false. Correct the false sentences.
1 Natalie collects books.
2 She loves real books because they've got photos arid pictures.
3 She’s got about seventy books.
4 She doesn't read in bed because she can't sleep.
5 Natalie never buys her friends books as birthday presents.
6 She usually buys a book every two months.

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