World, quest 2, Workbook, Raynham A.

World, quest 2, Workbook, Raynham A.

  MORE FUN for students with the best-ever stories, songs and activities for learning English.
MORE SUPPORT for teachers with ready-to-use resources and iTools for your interactive whiteboard.
World Quest Workbook - vocabulary and grammar practice plus activities to improve reading and writing skills.
NEW special features
• Graded exercises to meet different learning needs
• Pronunciation pages to help with individual sounds and phonetic symbols
• Irregular verbs list with activities makes them easier to remember
• 'Before you start' and Portfolio sections help develop good study skills

World, quest 2, Workbook, Raynham A.

Circle the odd word out.
1 silly tired pirate miserable
2 crash signal compass message
3 dishonest unkind culture nice
4 pyramid building prison mask
5 engineer brain dentist architect
6 air put pull lift
7 loudly easily bully sadly
8 Japanese American England Irish

Read the text again. Write true (v), false (X) or not in the text (?). Correct the false sentences.
1 There is a museum at the top of the
Empire State Building.
2 It was very easy to build the Empire State  
3 You can see the Palm Jumeirah from space
4 Nobody lives on the island.  
5 The island has got a fantastic school.

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