Grammar and Vocabulary for Advanced, With Answers, Hewings M., Haines S., 2015

Grammar and Vocabulary for Advanced, With Answers, Hewings M., Haines S., 2015.

   This book is updated for the new Cambridge English: Advanced examination introduced in 2015 and contains two sections: Grammar (Units 1-25) and Vocabulary (Units 26-45).
This book is for anyone preparing for success in the Cambridge English: Advanced. It is designed primarily for students working alone who want to revise, extend and practise their knowledge and understanding of grammar and vocabulary, but it can also be used on a Cambridge English: Advanced preparation course in the classroom, or can be set as homework by a teacher.

Grammar and Vocabulary for Advanced, With Answers, Hewings M., Haines S., 2015

Complete the sentences in this radio news report. Choose the correct or more likely option in each pair. Sometimes both are possible.

With just a few days before the general election, as (1) many / much as 100,000 people have demonstrated in the capital of Manistan as attacks on opposition candidates have continued. When voters were asked about their intentions in a recent opinion poll, as (2) little / few as 10% said they would be voting.

President Clarke has claimed that thanks to recent medical advances, malaria could be eradicated worldwide within as (3) little / few as ten years. In a speech to the World Health Organisation, she said that a cheap vaccine against malaria is just around the comer, (4) as it is / as is a cure for hepatitis B. She called on developed countries to invest (5) as much / so much as possible so that they can have the maximum impact on those most affected in poorer countries.

The former Formula One world champion Carl Nielsen left hospital today just six weeks after his horrific crash. Speaking to reporters outside his home, he said that damage to his back was not as (6) serious a problem / a serious problem as first thought, and he hoped to return to as (7) normal life / normal a life as possible. But there is (8) not such a / not a such positive outcome for the spectator who was hit by debris from Nielsen’s car. He is said to be still in a critical condition.

Exam summary.
Map of the book.
Unit 1 Tenses.
Unit 2 The future.
Unit 3 Modals(l).
Unit 4 Modals (2).
Unit 5 Nouns, agreement and articles.
Unit 6 Determiners and quantifiers.
Unit 7 Adverbs and adjectives.
Unit 8 Comparison.
Unit 9 Verb patterns (1).
Unit 10 Verb patterns (2).
Unit 11 Relative clauses (1).
Unit 12 Relative clauses (2).
Unit 13 Adverbial clauses Unit 14 Conditionals.
Unit 15 Participle, co-infinitive and reduced clauses.
Unit 16 Noun clauses.
Unit 17 Conjunctions and connectors.
Unit 18 The passive.
Unit 19 Reporting.
Unit 20 Substitution and ellipsis.
Unit 21 Word order and emphasis.
Unit 22 Nominalisation.
Unit 23 It and there.
Unit 24 Complex prepositions and prepositions after verbs.
Unit 25 Prepositions after nouns and adjectives.
Unit 26 Cities.
Unit 27 Personal history.
Unit 28 The arts.
Unit 29 Migrations.
Unit 30 Risking it.
Unit 31 Gender issues.
Unit 32 Education.
Unit 33 Health.
Unit 34 Getting about.
Unit 35 Moods.
Unit 36 Fame and fortune.
Unit 37 Relationships.
Unit 38 Time off.
Unit 39 Media.
Unit 40 The world of work.
Unit 41 Economics and business.
Unit 42 The living world.
Unit 43 Personal contact.
Unit 44 The environment.
Unit 45 Science and technology.
Answer key.

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