Compact Advanced, C1, Student’s Book with Answers, May P., 2014

Compact Advanced (C1), Student's Book with Answers, May P., 2014.

   Compact Advanced Student’s Book has ten units for classroom study. Each unit covers practice for Reading and Use of English, Writing, Listening and Speaking. Interesting Reading and Listening texts cover topics that may appear in the Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE) exam, and are accompanied by activities that help develop the skills needed for understanding them and successfully completing the exam.

Compact Advanced (C1), Student's Book with Answers, May P., 2014

Put these reasons for travelling to distant places in order, from least to most important.
• beautiful countryside
• friendly people
• impressive architecture
• inexpensive
• interesting wildlife
• learning the language
• local culture
• pleasant climate
• doing voluntary work.

Discuss these questions about the photos, which show
international volunteers working in developing countries.
1 What kind of people do you think the volunteers are?
2 Why do you think they have chosen to do this work?
3 In what ways might their work help the local people?
4 How will the experience benefit the volunteers?
5 Would you like to do this kind of work during a ‘gap year’? Why / Why not?

Map of the units.
Exam overview.
1 Breaking news.
2 Travels and traditions.
3 Behaving and interacting.
4 Selling and spending.
5 Health and sport.
6 Culture old and new.
7 Green issues.
8 Learning and working.
9 Science and technology.
10 A mind of one's own.
Grammar reference.
Writing guide.
Speaking guide.
Answer key.
Writing guide answer key.

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