English Collocations In Use, Intermediate, McCarthy M., O Dell F., 2017

English Collocations In Use, Intermediate, McCarthy M., O'Dell F., 2017.

   The book has 60 two-page units. The left-hand page presents the collocations that are focused on in the unit. You will usually find examples of collocations in typical contexts with, where appropriate, any special notes about their meaning and their usage. The right-hand page checks that you have understood the information on the left-hand page by giving you a series of exercises that practise the material just presented.
The units are organised into different sections. First we start with important information about collocations in general. Then there are sections looking at grammatical and other special aspects of collocations. The rest of the book deals with collocations that relate to particular topics such as Weather or Business, concepts such as Time or Change and functions such as Agreeing and disagreeing or Liking and disliking.

English Collocations In Use, Intermediate, McCarthy M., O'Dell F., 2017

Answer these questions about collocations and dictionaries.
1 How does the Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary show collocations?
2 Which five collocations can you see in the top box on the opposite page?
3 Why is an online dictionary particularly useful?
4 What information does the online Thesaurus usually show?
5 How does the Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary indicate that a collocation is informal?
6 Look at the dictionary that you normally use. Does it indicate collocations? If so, how?
7 Look up pain in your own dictionary. Which of the collocations on the left-hand page does it either highlight or illustrate in example sentences?
8 Look up the noun offer in your own dictionary. What collocations can you find? Does the dictionary indicate whether the collocations are formal or informal? If so, how?

Complete each sentence with a collocation from A.
1 Come to my office ten minutes before the meeting so we can have …
2 With her lovely dark hair Ella looks best when she wears …
3 In your essay on the influence of TV, don’t forget to discuss these …
4 There is some crime in our town but it isn’t …

Using this book.
Learning about collocations.
1 What is a collocation?
2 Finding, recording and learning collocations.
3 Using your dictionary.
4 Types of collocation.
5 Register.
Grammatical aspects of collocations.
6 Intensifying adverbs.
7 Everyday verbs 1.
8 Everyday verbs 2.
9 Everyday verbs 3.
Special aspects of collocation.
10 Synonyms and confusable words 1.
11 Synonyms and confusable words 2.
12 Metaphor.
Topics: Travel and the environment.
13 Weather.
14 Travel.
15 Countryside.
16 Towns and cities.
Topics: People and relationships.
17 People: character and behaviour.
18 People: physical appearance.
19 Families.
20 Relationships.
Topics: Leisure and lifestyle.
21 Houses, flats and rooms.
22 Eating and drinking.
23 Films and books.
24 Music.
25 SPort.
26 Health and illness.
Topics: Work and study.
27 Using the Internet.
28 Study and learning.
29 Presentations.
30 Work.
31 Business.
32 Academic writing 1.
33 Academic writing 2.
Topics: Society and institutions.
34 Laws and punishments.
35 Crime.
36 News.
37 Money.
38 War and peace.
39 Global problem.
Basic concepts.
40 Time.
41 Sound.
42 Distance and size.
43 Colour and light.
44 Texture.
45 Taste and smell.
46 Number and frequency.
47 Movement and speed.
48 Change.
49 Ways of speaking.
50 Ways of walking.
51 Starting and finishing.
52 Talking about success and failure.
53 Talking about cause and effect.
54 Remembering and sensing.
55 Agreeing and disagreeing.
56 Talking about beliefs and opinions.
57 Deciding and choosing.
58 Claiming and denying.
59 Liking and disliking.
60 Praising and criticising.

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