English Phrasal Verbs In Use, Advanced, McCarthy M., O Dell F., 2007

English Phrasal Verbs In Use, Advanced, McCarthy M., O'Dell F., 2007.

   It was written to help you take your knowledge of phrasal verbs to a more advanced level.
It is intended for students who already have at least an upper intermediate level of English. Many of you will have already worked with English Phrasal Verbs in Use Intermediate and this book builds on the work done there. However, it does not matter if you have gained your knowledge of phrasal verbs in a different way. We do not assume that you have used English Phrasal Verbs in Use Intermediate, although we do present and practise either different phrasal verbs in this book or, occasionally, more advanced uses of verbs that were presented in the lower level book.

English Phrasal Verbs In Use, Advanced, McCarthy M., O'Dell F., 2007

Underline the phrasal verbs in these texts. Remember the particle or preposition may not be immediately next to the verb.
1 I decided to take up gardening, so I went to the library, took a book out and read up on the subject. I found out so many interesting things, such as the best time to plant flowers out for the summer and how to grow vegetables. I’ve really got into it now and spend hours in the garden every weekend.
2 The other day we went off on a hike in the mountains. We put our wet-weather gear on as the weather forecast wasn’t good. We set off early to avoid the rush hour and soon reached the starting point for our walk. The whole walk took about four hours and when we got back we were exhausted.
3 I have to catch up on my coursework this weekend as I’ve fallen behind a bit. I worked on till midnight last night but I still have loads to do. I have to hand one essay in on Tuesday and another one on Friday. I’m not sure whether I’ll make it, but I’ll try.

Choose the correct particle to finish these song titles.
1 Can’t get you off from / out of / away from my head (Kylie Minogue)
2 Hold you against / down / at (Jennifer Lopez)
3 We can work it with / across / out (The Beatles)
4 Send from / in / with the clowns (Barbra Streisand)

Using this book.
Learning about phrasal verbs.
1 Phrasal verbs: what are they and how are they used?
2 Grammar of phrasal verbs.
3 Phrasal nouns.
4 Phrasal adjectives.
Interesting aspects of phrasal verbs.
5 Collocation and phrasal verbs.
6 Register.
7 Meaning and metaphor.
8 Idioms using phrasal verbs.
9 New phrasal verbs.
Key particles.
10 Around and about.
11 Down.
12 In.
13 Off.
14 On.
15 Out.
16 Up.
17 Time.
18 Cause and effect.
19 Change.
20 Memory.
21 Making progress.
22 Conflict and violence.
23 Sound.
24 Supporting and opposing people or views.
25 Understanding and having ideas.
26 Arranging things.
27 Talking about size and number.
28 Talking about success and failure.
29 Discussing problems.
30 Deciding and influencing.
31 Exclamations and warnings.
Work, study and finance.
32 Work.
33 Study.
34 Writing essays.
35 Business.
36 Money.
Personal life.
37 At home.
38 Clothing and appearance.
39 Relationships.
40 Character and personal qualities.
41 Feelings.
42 Social life.
43 Health and symptoms.
44 The body.
45 How people speak.
46 How people move.
The world around us.
47 Nature.
48 Weather.
49 Places.
50 Transport.
51 The news.
52 Secrets and lies.
53 Rules and laws.
54 Technology.
55 Food and drink.
Key verbs.
56 Come.
57 Get.
58 Go.
59 Keep.
60 Take.
Mini dictionary.

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