English Phrasal Verbs In Use, McCarthy M., O Dell F., 2004

English Phrasal Verbs In Use, McCarthy M., O'Dell F., 2004.

   This book, like all our other books in the In Use series, is the result of the work of many people. Cambridge University Press editors, reviewers, designers, marketing staff, sales and publicity staff have all contributed their advice and expertise, and there are just too many to name individually here. Particular thanks must, however, go to the following two people at Cambridge University Press: Noinn Burke, whose expertise and vision have guided us throughout the writing of this book, and Martine Walsh, who has steered the project from its beginnings through to publication with consistent insight and thoroughness. We are very grateful to them both. We also owe a great deal to the Cambridge University Press lexicographers who worked with the Cambridge International Corpus to produce the Cambridge International Dictionary of Phrasal Verbs. We drew heavily on the database of this dictionary when selecting verbs to include in this book and when compiling the Mini dictionary at the back of this hook.

English Phrasal Verbs In Use, McCarthy M., O'Dell F., 2004

Underline the twelve phrasal verbs in these sentences.
1 I sent off the order last week but the goods haven’t turned up yet.
2 I came across an interesting hook in the library, i took down the title. Here it is.
3 We asked some friends around to watch a film, but the video was playing up and it eventually broke down.
4 1 brought up this problem at the last meeting. It’s really time to sort out the problem.
5 I wish he’d stop messing us about! He's put the meeting off three times and now he wants to call it off altogether.

Decide which of these sentences contain errors. Explain why they are wrong and suggest a correct answer. Use the tabic in В to help you.
1 That song you just sang brings back memories of my days at college.
2 She looked the children after when their mother was in hospital.
3 I promised to ring my brother back. He called earlier when I was busy.
4 We ate out a wonderful dinner last night.
5 It was a beautiful summer evening so I asked the cat out for a drink.

Using this book.
Learning about phrasal verbs.
1 Phrasal verbs: the basics.
2 Phrasal verbs: what they mean.
3 Particles in phrasal verbs.
4 Nouns and adjectives based on phrasal verbs.
5 Metaphor and register.
Key verbs.
6 Come.
7 Get.
8 Go.
9 Look.
10 Make.
11 Put.
12 Take.
Key particles.
13 Up.
14 Out.
15 Off.
16 On and in.
17 Down and over.
18 Around and about.
19 For and with.
20 Through and back.
21 Into and away.
22 Time: spending time.
23 Time: passing of time.
24 Location.
25 Cause and effect.
26 Change.
27 Success and failure.
28 Starting and finishing.
29 Actions and movement.
30 Destroying and reacting to destruction.
31 Communication.
32 Describing people and places.
33 Describing public events.
34 Describing situations.
35 Giving and getting information.
36 Solving problems.
37 Decisions and plans.
38 Disagreeing.
39 Persuading.
40 Praising and criticising.
41 Exclamations and warnings.
Work, study and finance.
42 The classroom and learning.
43 Student life: courses and exams.
44 Student life: reading and writing.
45 Work: jobs and career.
46 Work: being busy.
47 Money: salaries, bills, payments.
48 Money: buying and selling.
49 Business.
50 Telephoning.
Personal life.
51 Feelings.
52 Relationships.
53 Relationships: problems.
54 Secrets and conversations.
55 Stages through life.
56 Health.
57 Sport.
58 Homes and daily routines.
59 Socialising.
60 Food and drink.
The world around us.
61 Weather.
62 Travel.
63 Driving.
64 Technology.
65 Computers.
66 News.
67 Crime.
68 Power and authority.
69 American and Australian phrasal verbs.
70 New phrasal verbs.
Mini dictionary.

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