Advanced Grammar in Use - Martin Hewings

Название: Advanced Grammar in Use

Автор: Martin Hewings.


There are 100 units in the book. Each one looks at a particular area of grammar. Some sections within each unit focus on the particular use of a grammatical pattern, such as wilt be + -ing (as in will be traveling). Others explore grammatical contrasts, such as whether to use would or used to to report past events, or when we use except or except for. The 100 units are grouped under a number of headings such as Tenses and The future. You can rind details of this in the Contents pages.

Advanced Grammar in Use - Martin Hewings

Each unit consists of two pages. On the kit hand page are explanations and examples; on die right are practice exercise. The letters next to each exercise show you   rich sections of the left hand page you need to understand to do that exercise. Tree Grammar Review presents examples and explanations on areas of grammar that you ace likely to have studied already at ear her stages of learning English. Although terms to describe grammar haw; been kept to a minimum s" ie have been included, and you explanations of these terms in the Glossary. Four Appendices tell you about passive verb forms, basic question forms, quotation, and irregular verbs. A number of Additional Exercises are included for further practice of particular areas, You can use the Study Guide to help you decide which units to study and which areas of grammar to revise in the Grammar Review- You can check your answers to the practice exercises, Additional Exercises and Study Guide in the Key. The Key also comments on some of the answers. To help you find the information you need there is an Index at the back of the book.

Thanks vii
lb the student viii
In the teacher ix
1 Present continuous and present simple (I}
2 Present continuous and present simple (2)
3 Past simple and present perfect
4 Past continuous and past simple
5 Past perfect and past simple
6 Present perfect continuous and present perfect
7 Past perfect continuous, past perfect and past continuous
8 Present and past time: review
The future
9 Will and be going to 11t Present simple and present continuous for the future
11 Future con tutu re p frock
12 Be to + infinitive
13 Other ways of talking about the future
14 The future seen from the past
Modals and semi-modals
15 Can, could, be able to and be allowed to
16. Will, would and used to
17. May and might: possibility
18. Must have {got} to
19. Need don't need to and don't have
20 Should, ought to and had better
Linking verbs, passives, questions
21 Linking verbs: be, appear, seem; become, get, etc.
22 Forming passive sentences (1)
23 Forming passive sentences (2): verb t- -ing or to-infinitive
24 Using passives
2$ Reporting with passive verbs; It is said they...
26 Questions with who, whom, which, how and whose
27 Negative questions; echo questions; questions with chat-clauses
Verb complementation: what follows verbs
28 Verbs, objects and complements
29 Verb + two objects
30 Verb - -ing forms and infinitives (1) .
31 Verb ing forms and infinitives (2)
32 Reporting people's words and thoughts ?
33. Reporting sea cements: that-clauses
34 Verb who-clause
35 Tense choice in reporting
36 Reporting boilers, suggestions, orders, intentions, ere.
37 Modal verbs in reporting
З8 Reporting what people say using nouns and adjectives
З9 Should in that-clauses; the present subjunctive
40 Agreement between subject and verb (I)
41 Agreement between subject and verb (2)
42 Agreement between subject and verb (3)
43 Compound nouns and noun phrases
Articles, determiners and quantifiers
44 A/an and one
45 A/an, (be and zero article {1}
46 A/an, (be and zero article (2)
47 A/an, (be and zero article (3)
48 Some and any
49 No, none (of) and not any
50 Much (of), many (of) a lot of lots (of), ere.
51 All (of), whole, every, each
52 Hew, little, less, fewer
Relative, clauses and other types obtuse
53. Relative pronouns
54 Other relative words: whose, when, whereby,
55 Prepositions hi relative clauses
56 Other ways of adding in formation no tin phrases П): additional noun phrases, etc.
57 Other ways of adding information noun phrases (2); prepositional phrases, ere.
58 Participle clauses with adverbial meaning (I)
59 Participle clauses with adverbial meaning (2)
Pronouns, substitution and leaving words
60 Reflexive pronouns: herself, himself themselves
61 One and ones
62 So and not as substitutes (or clauses, etc.
63 Do so; such
64 More on leaving out words a fret auxiliary verbs
65 Leaving out co
Adjectives and adverbs
66 Position of adjectives
67 Credible and gradable adjectives (1)
68 С readies and non-gradable adjectives (2)
69 Participle adjectives and compound adjectives
70 Adjectives + to infinitive, -ing, that-clause, clauses
71 Adjectives and adverbs
72 Adjectives and adverbs: comparative and superlative irons
73 Comparative phrases and clauses
74 Position of adverbs [I)
75 sic ion of adverb (2)
76 Adverbs of place, direction, indefinite frequency, and rime
77 Degree adverbs and focus adverbs
78 Comment adverbs and viewpoint adverbs
Adverbial clauses and am/unction
79 Adverbial clauses of time
80. Giving reasons: as, because, ere for and
81 Purposes .and results: in order to, so as  etc.
82 Contrasts: although and though: even Though/if; while, whilst and whereas
83 If (I)
84 If (2)
85 If I were you imagine he were (o win
86 If...not and unless; if and whether; etc.
87 Connecting ideas in a sentence and between sentences
88 Preposition of position and movement
89 Interwoven and among
90 Prepositions of crime
91 'king about except
92 Prepositions after verbs
93 Prepositions a her nouns
94 Two- and three-word verbs: word order
Organizing information
95. There is, there was, etc.
96 It... (I)
97. It... (2)
98. Focusing: it -clauses .and w hat-clan
99 Inversion П)
100 Inversion (2)
Grammar review 202 Glossary 219
Appendix 1 verb forms 224
Appendix 2 Basic question forms 225
Appendix 3 Quoting what people think or what have said 226
A p pen I a r verbs 227
Additional exercises 229
Study Guide 240
Key to 252
Key to Additional exercises 2?H
Key to Study guide 28 T
Index 282

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