Advanced Grammar in Use, Martin Hewings, 2013

Advanced Grammar in Use, Martin Hewings, 2013.

   I would like to thank all those who worked with me on the first two editions of Advanced Grammar in Use, in particular Jeanne McCarten and Alison Sharpe for their encouragement. Thanks also to my former colleagues and students in the English for International Students Unit at the University of Birmingham for their help and interest.

Advanced Grammar in Use, Martin Hewings, 2013

One sentence in each pair is wrong. Correct it by replacing the past simple with the present perfect of the italicised verb.
1 a Remember that after you signed the contract you won’t be able to change your mind, b Carlo's injury only became apparent after he signed to play for Real Madrid.
2 a As soon as I finished college I want to travel around Australia.
b I didn't have time to check the essay. I handed it in as soon as I finished it.
3 a By the time Sarah got to work the meeting had finished.
b I’ll probably have finished breakfast by the time the children got up.
4 a I recognised her the moment I heard her laugh.
b I’ll tell you what time we're coming the moment I heard from Emil.

Underline the correct options. In some cases only one is correct, and in others both are correct.
1 As Jonas was introduced to Mrs Lopez, he realised that he had met / met her before.
2 During the previous week, I had been / went to the gym every evening.
3 He denied that he had taken / took the money from the office.
4 I thought it was the best film I had seen /saw in my life.
5 The boy told me that he had lost / lost his train ticket and didn't know how he would get home.
6 At the conference, scientists reported that they had found / found a cure for malaria.
7 The teacher guessed that some of the children had cheated / cheated in the exam.
8 She said that she had made up/ made up her mind who to vote for, and that I couldn't persuade her to change.
9 Thomas explained that he had gone /went home early because he felt ill.
10 When I asked Maria about Jakub, she admitted that she hadn't heard/ didn't hear from him for ages.
11 The waiter took my plate away before I had finished / finished eating.
12 Julia said she didn't want any dinner. Apparently, she had eaten / ate already.

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