Scholastic success with grammar, grade 3, 2010

Scholastic success with grammar, grade 3, 2010.

Common and Proper Nouns.

A. Is the underlined word a common noun or a proper noun? Write common or proper.

1. The girl likes to learn._____________
2. She goes to two schools._____________
3. She lives in America._____________

B. Underline the common nouns. Circle the proper nouns.

1. April has a brother and a sister.
2. Their names are Julius and May.
3. Their parents were born in Taiwan.
4. April goes to school on Saturday.
5. She is learning a language called Mandarin.
6. May read a book about the Middle Ages.

Scholastic success with grammar, grade 3, 2010

Action Verbs.

A. Underline the action verb in each sentence.

1. The villagers cheered loudly.
2. They added flavor to the cheese.
3. Please give them the milk.
4. He serves the cheese.
5. He emptied the buckets.

B. Circle the action verb in ( ) that paints a more vivid picture of what the subject is doing.

1. The villagers (walked, paraded) across the floor.
2. Father (whispered, talked) to the baby.
3. The puppy (ate, gobbled) down his food.
4. The girl (skipped, went) to her chair.
5. The ball (fell, bounced) down the stairs.

Table of Contents.

Statements and Questions.
Exclamations and Commands.
Singular and Plural Nouns.
Common and Proper Pronouns.
Singular and Plural Pronouns.
Action Verbs.
Present- and Past-Tense Verbs.
The Verb Be.
Main Verbs and Helping Verbs.
Linking Verbs.
Subjects and Predicates.
Articles and Other Adjectives.
Possessive Nouns.
Subject and Object Pronouns.
Possessive Pronouns.
Compound Subjects and Predicates.
Using Punctuation.
Irregular Verbs.

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