Scholastic success with grammar, grade 5, 2010

Scholastic success with grammar, grade 5, 2010.

Types of Sentences.
A. Identify each type of sentence by writing declarative, interrogative, imperative9 or exclamatory on the line.

1. Are you ready to write a story? _______________________
2. I need help! _______________________
3. Not every story gets printed. _______________________
4. Tell me a good ending. _______________________
5. We ate salad and roast beef. _______________________
6. I couldn't wait for lunch! _______________________

B. Read each group of words below. If it has a subject and a predicate and expresses a complete thought, write complete on the line. If it is not a complete sentence, write incomplete.

1. With my fork. _____________________
2. She liked my poem. _______________________
3. Was proud. _______________________
4. I'll write another letter. _______________________

Scholastic success with grammar, grade 5, 2010

Complete and Simple Subjects.
A. Draw a line between the subject and the predicate of each sentence.

1. This story tells about Jamie and Grama Bowman.
2. Grama Bowman used to tell Jamie stories.
3. Jamie's great-grandmother loved to see the fox's tracks.
4. Her best friend, Wokwses the Fox, left the tracks.
5. That clever fox delighted Grama.
6. Grama's song is a kind of fox song.

В. Underline the complete subject once and the simple subject twice.

1. The autumn leaves were blowing in the wind.
2. The old Indian people told a story about the leaves.
3. The fall season is the time for leaf dances.
4. The leaves put on their best colors at that time.
5. The cold, autumn wind comes to take them.
6. Grama Bowman, a wise woman, told Jamie this.
7. The old leaves are like old people.
8. Their final dances are very beautiful.
9. The very best dances occur in autumn.
10. Grama Bowman's story explains a natural event.

Table of Contents.

Types of Sentences.
Complete and Simple Subjects.
Complete and Simple Predicates.
Compound Subjects and Predicates.
Compound Sentences.
Common and Proper Nouns.
Singular and Plural Nouns.
Possessive Nouns.
Action Verbs With Direct Objects.
Verb Tenses.
Linking Verbs.
Main and Helping Verbs.
Irregular Verbs.
Subject and Object Pronouns.
Possessive Pronouns.
Subject-Verb Agreement.
Dialogue and Quotations.
Commas and Colons.
Diagramming Sentences.
Answer Key.

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