Scholastic success with grammar, grade 2, 2010

Scholastic success with grammar, grade 2, 2010.

Telling Sentences and Questions.

Read each sentence. Write Ton the line if the sentence is a telling sentence. Write Q on the line if it is a question.

1 I took my pet to see the vet.
2 Was your pet sick?
3 What did the vet do?
4 The vet checked my pet.
5 The vet said my pet had a cold.

Scholastic success with grammar, grade 2, 2010

Types of Sentences; Capital I.

Read each sentence. Circle the beginning letter, end punctuation, and the word I in each sentence.

1 I sail my boat in the lake.
2 May I have a turn?
3 I am so happy!
4 Can Kiku and I play?
5 Bill and I fly the kite.

Table of Contents.

Telling Sentences and Questions.
Exclamations and Commands.
Types of Sentences, Capital I.
Common Nouns.
Capitalize Names and Places.
Simple Sentences.
Past-Tense Verbs.
Types of Sentences (part 2).
Word Order.
Plural Nouns.
Verb to be.
Irregular Verbs go, do.
Quotation Marks.
Contractions With not.
Subject/Verb Agreement.
More About Subject/Verb Agreement.
Verbs have, has, had.

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