Scholastic success with grammar, grade 4, 2010

Scholastic success with grammar, grade 4, 2010.


And no other resource boosts kids' grammar skills like Scholastic Success With Grammar*. For classroom or at-home use, this exciting series for kids in grades I through 6 provides invaluable reinforcement and practice in grammar topics such as:
- sentence types
- parts of speech
- common and proper nouns
- sentence structure
- verb tenses
- subject-verb agreement
- punctuation
- capitalization
and more!
Each 64-page book contains loads of practice pages to keep kids challenged and excited as they strengthen the grammar skills they need to read and write well. For each topic, you'll also find an assessment sheet that gives kids realistic practice in taking standardized tests—and helps you see their progress!

Scholastic success with grammar, grade 4, 2010

Compound Sentences.
A. Read each sentence. Decide if it is a simple sentence or a compound sentence. Write simple or compound on the line.

1. Dad had been horseback riding before.______________________
2. Lizzie felt a little nervous on a horse, but he would never admit it.______________________
3. He discovered that riding was a lot of fun, and he couldn't wait to tell his friends about it.______________________
4. There don't seem to be many bears in the national park this year.______________________
5. Suddenly Mom pointed out the car window toward some trees.______________________
6. We all looked out the window, but the bears turned out to be people in brown coats.______________________

Table of Contents.

Types of Sentences.
Simple and Complete Subjects and Predicates.
Compound Subjects and Predicates.
Compound Sentences.
Common and Proper Nouns.
Singular and Plural Nouns.
Subject and Object Pronouns.
Possessive Pronouns.
Action Verbs.
Verb Tenses.
Main and Helping Verbs.
Linking Verbs.
Irregular Verbs.
Adjectives That Compare.
Subject-Verb Agreement.
Punctuating Dialogue.
Answer Key.

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