Learn English Through Stories, Volume 2, Wells D., 2021

Learn English Through Stories, Volume 2, Wells D., 2021.

English language teachers and learners, this book is for you! One of the oldest and most effective means of learning language has been through the use of stories, and this book has 16 short, easy-to-understand stories which you can use to test and improve your English. Each story has three versions, scaled according to difficulty: a Basic English version, an Intermediate English version, and an Advanced English version. The stories used in this book are fables, meaning that each story has a moral lesson at the end. The lessons I have used for this volume are common English-language sayings, such as “Actions speak louder than words.”

Learn English Through Stories, Volume 2, Wells D., 2021

Basic English.
A mouse lives under the floorboards of an old house. A family moves in. The Mouse is upset to find the family owns a Cat. The Mouse considers moving to a new place. As he does so, the Cat starts speaking to him. The Cat tells the Mouse that he has no interest in him. He says that his owners feed him very well. Catching the Mouse is too much trouble. If the Mouse stays out of trouble, there will be no problems. The Mouse replies very politely. But because he is cautious, the Mouse sneaks under the floorboards and spies on the Cat. He sees the Cat sharpening his claws. The Cat has a deadly look in his eyes. When the Mouse sees this, he packs up his things to leave.

2.The Mouse and the New Cat.
3.The Pig’s New Friend.
4.The Bird’s Nest.
5.The Pudding Contest.
6.The Horse Rider.
7.The Fishermen and the Storm.
8.The Piper’s Tune.
9.The Two Hunters.
10.The Poor Carpenter.
11.The Escaped Horse.
12.The Apple Cart.
13.The Mice and the Cheese.
14.The Leopard’s Spots.
15.The Two Swords.
16.The Judge’s Robes.
17.The Acorn and the Oak.
18.Vocabulary Builder.
19.Study Questions – Answers and Explanations.

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