English sentence builder, Second edition, 2018

English sentence builder, Second edition, 2018.

Writing skills are usually the most difficult skills to acquire in a language. This is particularly true in a foreign language. The goal of this book is to reduce that difficulty as it guides you through the various types of structures in the English language and illustrates how those structures combine to make sentences.

English sentence builder, Second edition, 2018

In the category of pronouns, people tend to be most familiar with personal pronouns, since these parts of speech are widely used in the English language. Other types of pronouns also exist, however, and they must be identified and practiced in order for you to be able to use them well in sentence writing. This chapter addresses the following types of pronouns: personal pronouns, relative pronouns, demonstrative pronouns, reflexive pronouns, indefinite pronouns, reciprocal pronouns, and intensive pronouns.

1.Declarative sentences and word order.
2.Interrogative sentences.
3.Questions and answers.
5.Coordinating and correlative conjunctions.
6.Subordinating conjunctions and conjunctive adverbs.
9.Using adjectives.
10.Using adverbs.
11.Present and past participles.
12.Using infinitives.
13.Using gerunds.
15.Short responses and interjections.
16.Antonyms and contrasts.
17.The passive voice and the subjunctive mood.
18.Phrasal verbs.
19.Letter writing and e-mail.

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20.Let’s write!
21.Progress check.
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