Computer Science, Watson D., Williams H., 2019

Computer Science, Watson D., Williams H., 2019.

   This textbook provides the knowledge, understanding and practical skills to support those studying Cambridge International AS & A Level Computer Science. This textbook is part of a suite of resources which include a Programming Skills Workbook and an Online Teacher's Guide.
The syllabus content has been covered comprehensively and is presented in two sections: Chapters 1 to 12 cover the AS Level, Chapters 13 to 20 cover the extra content required for the full A Level.

Computer Science, Watson D., Williams H., 2019

Vector graphics.
Vector graphics are images that use 2D points to describe lines and curves and their properties that are grouped to form geometric shapes. Vector graphics can be designed using computer aided design (CAD) software or using an application which uses a drawing canvas on the screen. See Figure 1.4.

A vector graphic will contain a drawing list (included in a file header) that is made up of
» the command used for each object that makes up the graphic image » the attributes that define the properties that make up each object (for example consider the ellipse of the robot's mouth - this will need the position of the two centres, the radius from centres, the thickness and style of each line, the line colour and any fill colour used)
» the relative position of each object will also need to be included » the dimensions of each object are not defined, but the relative positions of objects to each other in the final graphic need to be defined; this means that scaling up the vector graphic image will result in no loss of quality.

1 Information representation and multimedia.
1.1 Data representation.
1.2 Multimedia.
1.3 File compression.
2 Communication.
2.1 Networking.
2.2 The internet.
3 Hardware.
3.1 Computers and their components.
3.2 Logic gates and logic circuits.
4 Processor fundamentals.
4.1 Central processing unit (CPU) architecture.
4.2 Assembly language.
4.3 Bit manipulation.
5 System software.
5.1 Operating systems.
5.2 Language translators.
6 Security, privacy and data integrity.
6.1 Data security.
6.2 Data integrity.
7 Ethics and ownership.
7.1 Legal, moral, ethical and cultural implications.
7.2 Copyright issues.
7.3 Artificial intelligence (AI).
8 Databases.
8.1 Database concepts.
8.2 Database management systems (DBMSs).
8.3 Data definition language (DDL) and data manipulation language (DML).
9 Algorithm design and problem solving.
9.1 Computational thinking skills.
9.2 Algorithms.
10 Data types and structures.
10.1 Data types and records.
10.2 Arrays.
10.3 Files.
10.4 Abstract data types (ADTs).
11 Programming.
11.1 Programming basics.
11.2 Programming constructs.
11.3 Structured programming.
12 Software development.
12.1 Program development lifecycle.
12.2 Program design.
12.3 Program testing and maintenance.
13 Data representation.
13.1 User-defined data types.
13.2 File organisation and access.
13.3 Floating-point numbers, representation and manipulation.
14 Communication and internet technologies.
14.1 Protocols.
14.2 Circuit switching and packet switching.
15 Hardware.
15.1 Processors and parallel processing.
15.2 Boolean algebra and logic circuits.
16 System software and virtual machines.
16.1 Purposes of an operating system (OS).
16.2 Virtual machines (VMs).
16.3 Translation software.
17 Security.
17.1 Encryption.
17.2 Quantum cryptography.
17.3 Protocols.
17.4 Digital signatures and digital certificates.
18 Artificial intelligence (AI).
18.1 Shortest path algorithms.
18.2 Artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning.
19 Computational thinking and problem solving.
19.1 Algorithms.
19.2 Recursion.
20 Further programming.
20.1 Programming paradigms.
20.2 File processing and exception handling.

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