C# 7.0 All-in-One For Dummies, Mueller J.P., Sempf B., Sphar C., 2018

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C# 7.0 All-in-One For Dummies, Mueller J.P., Sempf B., Sphar C., 2018.

   Even if you have past experience with C#, the new features in C# 7.0 will have you producing feature-rich applications in an even shorter time than you may have before. C# 7.0 All-in-One For Dummies introduces you to all these new features. For example, you discover the new pattern-matching techniques that C# 7.0 provides. You also discover the wonders of using tuples and local functions. Even the use of literals has improved, but you’ll have to look inside to find out how. This particular book is designed to make using C# 7.0 fast and easy; it removes the complexity that you may have experienced when trying to learn about these topics online.

C# 7.0 All-in-One For Dummies, Mueller J.P., Sempf B., Sphar C., 2018

What’s a program?
What is a program? In a practical sense, a Windows program is an executable file that you can run by double-clicking its icon. For example, Microsoft Word, the editor used to write this book, is a program. You call that an executable program, or executable for short. The names of executable program files generally end with the extension .exe. Word, for example, is winword.exe.

But a program is something else as well. An executable program consists of one or more source files. A C# source file, for instance, is a text file that contains a sequence of C# commands, which fit together according to the laws of C# grammar. This file is known as a source file, probably because it’s a source of frustration and anxiety.

Uh, grammar? There’s going to be grammar? Just the C# kind, which is much easier than the kind most people struggled with in junior high school.

Book 1: The Basics of C# Programming.
Chapter 1: Creating Your First C# Console Application.
Chapter 2: Living with Variability — Declaring Value-Type Variables.
Chapter 3: Pulling Strings.
Chapter 4: Smooth Operators.
Chapter 5: Getting into the Program Flow.
Chapter 6: Lining Up Your Ducks with Collections.
Chapter 7: Stepping through Collections.
Chapter 8: Buying Generic.
Chapter 9: Some Exceptional Exceptions.
Chapter 10: Creating Lists of Items with Enumerations.
Book 2: Object-Oriented C# Programming.
Chapter 1: Object-Oriented Programming — What’s It All About?.
Chapter 2: Showing Some Class.
Chapter 3: We Have Our Methods.
Chapter 4: Let Me Say This about this.
Chapter 5: Holding a Class Responsible.
Chapter 6: Inheritance: Is That All I Get?.
Chapter 7: Poly-what-ism?.
Chapter 8: Interfacing with the Interface.
Chapter 9: Delegating Those Important Events.
Chapter 10: Can I Use Your Namespace in the Library?.
Chapter 11: Improving Productivity with Named and Optional Parameters.
Chapter 12: Interacting with Structures.
Book 3: Designing for C#.
Chapter 1: Writing Secure Code.
Chapter 2: Accessing Data.
Chapter 3: Fishing the File Stream.
Chapter 4: Accessing the Internet.
Chapter 5: Creating Images.
Chapter 6: Programming Dynamically!.
Book 4: A Tour of Visual Studio.
Chapter 1: Getting Started with Visual Studio.
Chapter 2: Using the Interface.
Chapter 3: Customizing Visual Studio.
Book 5: Windows Development with WPF.
Chapter 1: Introducing WPF.
Chapter 2: Understanding the Basics of WPF.
Chapter 3: Data Binding in WPF.
Chapter 4: Practical WPF.
Book 6: Web Development with ASP.NET.
Chapter 1: Looking at How ASP.NET Works with C#.
Chapter 2: Building Web Applications.
Chapter 3: Controlling Your Development Experience.
Chapter 4: Leveraging the .NET Framework.
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