Keynote Proficien, Teacher’s Book, Hall D., 2018

Keynote Proficien, Teacher's Book, Hall D., 2018.

   The units in Keynote Elementary culminate in a TED Talk. These talks are given by speakers from all walks of life, countries and fields of work and provide a rich and varied basis for the teaching and learning of authentic English. See section 2 for more about TED.
Each level contains enough material for between 90 and 120 hours’ classroom work. Teachers can reduce this time by giving some preparation tasks to students to do at home (such as watching the TED Talks) or extend it with the extra activities in the teaching notes and the photocopiable communicative activities at the back of this book.

Keynote Proficien, Teacher's Book, Hall D., 2018

How talent thrives.
What I talk about when I talk about running/
1 Optional step. Books closed. Ask students to consider their own work or studies, and in particular to think about the conditions (both physical and mental) in v/hich they work most efficiently and have their best ideas (e.g. morning/afternoon, with a deadline looming / when they aren’t under pressure, on their own / in a team, with music in the background / with silence). Get them to discuss these aspects in pairs, and make a few notes that they can refer to through the course of the lesson.

Books open. Ask students to read Exercise 1 and think about why they think some people realize their talents and others never do so.

Elicit answers from the class and note their ideas on the board.

1 Creativity.
2 Hopes and fears.
3 Perception.
4 Human interaction.
5 Economic resources.
6 Practical design.
7 Same but different.
8 Food and sustainability.
9 Internet sensation.
10 The meaning of success.
11 Learning and memory.
12 Invention or innovation.
Photocopiable tests.
Tests answer key.
Photocopiable communicative activities.
Communicative activities teaching notes.

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