Keynote Advanced, Teacher’s Book, Hughes J., 2015

Keynote Advanced, Teacher's Book, Hughes J., 2015.

Teacher’s Book.
full teaching notes for all the units and Review lessons, containing answers, TED Talk and audio transcripts, teaching tips, optional and alternative ways of dealing with the Student’s Book exercises, extension activities and background information.
Six photocopiable progress tests, with sections looking at the grammar, vocabulary, reading, speaking, writing and often listening presented in the previous two units, with answer key.

Keynote Advanced, Teacher's Book, Hughes J., 2015

Luxury or necessity?
GRAMMAR The perfect aspect.
1 Books closed. Bring in some objects from your own life or use any objects you have with you such as car keys, a pen, a smartphone. Hold one of the objects up to the class and ask students to say if they think it is a luxury object or a necessity. When a student answers either ‘luxury’ or ‘necessity’, get them to explain why. If students disagree, then allow time for them to debate and try to reach an agreement on the object. Repeat this with a few of your own objects before starting this section of the unit.

2 Books open. Read the questions together and then give students time to think of examples from their own lives. They can tell their partner about their choices and find out if their partner has similar objects.

1 Necessities.
2 Image and identity.
3 Harmony.
4 Challenges.
5 Inspiration.
6 Solutions.
7 Imagination.
8 Working together.
9 Stress and relaxation.
10 Risk.
11 Vision.
12 The future.
Photocopiable tests.
Tests answer key.
Photocopiable communicative activities.
Communicative activities teaching notes.

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