Keynote Pre-Intermediate, Teacher’s Book, Hart C., Sheils C., 2017

Keynote Pre-Intermediate, Teacher's Book, Hart C., Sheils C., 2017.

   Keynote is a six-level, multi-syllabus English course that takes learners from Elementary level (A1) to Proficient (C2). It is suitable for all adults or young adults in higher education or in work who need English in their professional or personal lives. It is suitable for all teachers, however experienced -extensive teaching notes will help the inexperienced teacher plan lessons, while valuable background information, teaching tips and extension activities will be of great use to even the most experienced teacher.

Keynote Pre-Intermediate, Teacher's Book, Hart C., Sheils C., 2017

Family connections.
Sensitivity when talking about family.
Our family is usually one of the most personal aspects of our lives and your students will doubtless have many different family backgrounds. Some will have a large extended family that they get on very well with and some may have little or no contact with their families for a range of different reasons. There may also have been a recent death in students’ families. As a result, it is important to keep this mind when students are doing activities where they have to talk about their own families. Don’t push students to offer information about their family or ask them questions about it as this may provoke a negative reaction from them. In extreme cases, it may even result in them deciding not to attend the English course anymore.

1 Conservation
2 Family connections.
3 Global stories.
4 Music.
5 Good design.
6 Inspiring people.
7 Ethical choices.
8 Better cities.
9 Giving.
10 Mind and machine.
11 Nature.
12 Discovery.
Photocopiable tests.
Tests answer key.
Photocopiable communicative activities.
Communicative activities teacher’s notes.

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