Keynote Elementary, Teacher’s Book, Hart C., Sheils C., 2018

Keynote Elementary, Teacher's Book, Hart C., Sheils C., 2018.

   The units in Keynote Elementary culminate in a TED Talk. These talks are given by speakers from all walks of life, countries and fields of work and provide a rich and varied basis for the teaching and learning of authentic English. See section 2 for more about TED.
Each level contains enough material for between 90 and 120 hours’ classroom work. Teachers can reduce this time by giving some preparation tasks to students to do at home (such as watching the TED Talks) or extend it with the extra activities in the teaching notes and the photocopiable communicative activities at the back of this book.

Keynote Elementary, Teacher's Book, Hart C., Sheils C., 2018

Where does my money go?
VOCABULARY Spending money.
1 Students are likely to have seen and used word maps before, but you can remind them that word maps help to show the relationship between words and ideas and record that relationship so you can look back at it again later. Explain that this is, therefore, a useful way to organize vocabulary. Make sure students understand that the main topic - what we spend money on - Is in the middle and that each branch is a subtopic related to it.

2 Check the meaning of second-hand (not new; already used by someone else) with students. The term second-hand may also be used in their first language, so they may already be familiar with it. Ask students if they’ve ever bought or been given anything that was second-hand.

Put students into pairs and ask them to go through the items in the word map and say whether you can buy them second-hand. Encourage students to use language for agreeing and disagreeing with each other during their discussions, e.g. Yes, you’re right. No, i don’t think that’s right. You may want to review this language before students start talking.

1 Passions.
2 Spending money.
3 Jobs.
4 Talents.
5 Technology.
6 Challenges.
7 Wild places.
8 Confidence.
9 Achievement.
10 Creative cities.
11 Images.
12 Health.
Photocopiable tests.
Tests answer key.
Photocopiable communicative activities.
Communicative activities teacher's notes.

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