Wider World 4, Teacher’s Book, Fricker R., 2016

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Wider World 4, Teacher's Book, Fricker R., 2016.

   Wider World is the portal to a wider world of English language knowledge and resources specially designed for teenage learners. It provides teenage students with the ability to communicate well in English and to pass exams at a good level. Just as importantly, it boosts their confidence to participate as educated citizens in the global community of the twenty-first century, with all its unique challenges and opportunities.
Wider World is the fruit of a collaboration between two leading companies in the fields of media and education: the BBC and Pearson. The BBC brand is synonymous worldwide with the concepts of trust and quality in their news and entertainment programmes, while Pearson is the world’s leading education company for all ages and stages of learners.

Wider World 4, Teacher's Book, Fricker R., 2016

Fitting in.
Mateo Martinez is fifteen but his family moved to the USA from Mexico when he was a few years old. Although he loves his life in the USA, Mateo still faces stereotypes. ‘Some Americans expect me to be lazy,’ he explains. ‘That’s what they think of Mexicans. I don’t take it personally, but I don’t like that kind of label.’ Another thing which annoys Mateo is when other students ask if he speaks Mexican at home. ‘Some people don’t know that we speak Spanish,’ he says. ‘Our countries are neighbours, so people should be aware of our language and culture.’

Ji-Min Choy arrived a few months ago. When I meet her, she’s searching for a video on YouTube. In the video, Barack Obama is speaking about immigrants as a big part of American history: ‘We don’t simply welcome new arrivals — we are born of immigrants.’

‘I love this speech,’ says Ji-Min. ‘It makes me feel welcome. Do you know that almost one quarter of the US population are first or second generation migrants?’ That definitely makes life in this big country easier, but there are still awkward moments for Ji-Min. ‘Many Americans don’t really know where South Korea is!' she says.

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