Wider World 4, Workbook, Williams D., 2016

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Wider World 4, Workbook, Williams D., 2016.

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Come and visit Table Tech for a futuristic dining experience. Our interactive light projection system allows you to place your order with a 3D menu. And no more waiting to make eye contact with a waiter; simply select 'Service' on the table to call a waiter or waitress over. You can also choose from a range of virtual tablecloths and even order a taxi home, directly from your table.

Wider World 4, Workbook, Williams D., 2016

My carnival experience.
I’m a member of a dance group and earlier this year I won a prize to go to Rio de Janeiro in Brazil and take part in what many people believe is the largest festival on Earth - the Rio carnival. The carnival has been running since 1723 and it gets bigger each year. This year there were over two million people on the streets, dancing and singing in street parties, or 'balls'.

I arrived a few days before, after a twelve-hour overnight flight from London, so I was very tired. The director of the samba school met me and drove me to the fashionable district of Ipanema, where I was staying in a hostel. On the way, we passed lots of impressive sights, including Sugarloaf Mountain and the famous Copacabana beach, which was awesome.

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