Wider World 4, Student’s book, Gaynor S., Alevizos K., Barraclough C., 2016

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Wider World 4, Student's book, Gaynor S., Alevizos K., Barraclough C., 2016.

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Canada's second biggest city, Montreal, is here. Most people n Quebec speak French and about forty percent want Quebec to be an ndependent country. Most of Canada's famous maple syrup comes from this region. Canadians love eating it with pancakes and even have the leaf of the maple tree on their flag.

Wider World 4, Student's book, Gaynor S., Alevizos K., Barraclough C., 2016

How languages evolve.
All languages are in flux. In other words, they are constantly changing. This is especially true of English, which is a real global language. There are now nearly three times more non-native speakers of English than native speakers. 950 million people speak it as a foreign language, while only 340 million speak it as a mother tongue. So why is English changing and is this a good thing?

One reason is globalisation. These days business meetings can be held with people from all over the world - like Brazil, Nigeria and Japan. The only language spoken will be English. This has led to the creation of a new language variety, called International English. It's a kind of simplified English which can be understood by everyone. Some linguists don't like this because for them it is a corruption of the language. But it could be the future of communication in today’s globalised world.

In some countries, English has a different role. In Singapore, Hong Kong and the Philippines, English is spoken as a second language. Around 600 million people speak English in this way, meaning that they are bilingual. In the Philippines, Tagalog - the country's main language - and English merge to create a variety called Taglish. It can be difficult to understand if you're not a local.

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