Wider World Starter, Student’s Book, Zervas S., Bright C., 2018

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Wider World Starter, Student's Book, Zervas S., Bright C., 2018.

Фрагмент из книги:
Jason and his family are very different!
Jason wants an iguana. His sister, Jackie, wants a rabbit and their parents want a parrot! They all watch TV. Jackie, mum and dad like films and Jason likes cartoons!
At the weekends Jason goes to the park with his friends. Jackie hangs out with her best friend and their parents visit the neighbours.

Wider World Starter, Student's Book, Zervas S., Bright C., 2018

CLIL: Science The Environment.
Read the text. Label the paragraphs.
a Water animals b Land animals
1 A lot of animals, like tigers, elephants, giraffes and butterflies, live in forests. There are many different types of forests all over the world. Some animals live in trees. They can do that because they can climb or fly. Some of these animals are monkeys, snakes, birds and spiders.

Rabbits make holes in the ground and they make a lot of them! They live there with their friends and families.

2 There’s a lot of life in ponds! Fish and frogs have their home there. Frogs are different from fish because they don't live only in the water. They can also live on land.

You can find a lot of different fish in the sea. They are big, small, cute, funny or ugly and they are many different colours. Whales live in the sea, too.

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