Scope 3, Workbook, Wetz B., 2016

Scope 3, Workbook, Wetz B., 2016.

This comprehensive four-skills course for intermediate and secondary classes builds students’ confidence and helps them achieve success in English. Language Level: Mid A1 – B2 Scope offers a challenging syllabus with a manageable amount of course material, and the objectives and learning outcomes for every lesson provide a clear framework to measure student progress.

Scope 3, Workbook, Wetz B., 2016

Read the article again. Write true or false. Correct the false sentences.
1.Fatima was happy and excited about moving to a new school.
2.Fatima’s new best friend was very friendly.    
3.Dave knew Ed before they started school.    
4.Dave and Ed never disagree.
5.A friend introduced Amy to Karen.
6.After their ‘accident’, Amy and Karen became friends quickly.

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