Scope 2, Workbook, Wetz B., 2016

Scope 2, Workbook, Wetz B., 2016.

This comprehensive four-skills course for intermediate and secondary classes builds students’ confidence and helps them achieve success in English. Language Level: Mid A1 – B2 Scope offers a challenging syllabus with a manageable amount of course material, and the objectives and learning outcomes for every lesson provide a clear framework to measure student progress.

Scope 2, Workbook, Wetz B., 2016

Match the questions 1-8 with the places a-h.
1.What time is the next film?
2.We’d like to go to Oxford. How much is it?
3.Can I have three stamps for a letter to Oman?
4.My grandmother is here. Can I visit her now?
5.How old is that beautiful green plate?
6.Could I have a cup of black coffee, please?
7.Which shop would you like to go in first?
8.Where can we put our car?

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