English Collocations In Use, Advanced, O Dell F., McCarthy M., 2017

English Collocations In Use, Advanced, O'Dell F., McCarthy M., 2017.

   The book has 60 two-page units. The left -hand page presents the collocations that are focused on in the unit. You will usually find examples of collocations in typical contexts with, where appropriate, any special notes about their meaning and their usage. The right-hand page checks that you have understood the information on the left-hand page by giving you a series of exercises that practise the material just presented.

English Collocations In Use, Advanced, O'Dell F., McCarthy M., 2017

When we speak metaphorically, we use words in a non-literal sense. For example, when we say a writer casts light on a situation, we mean that the writer helps us understand it more clearly, in the same way that putting a light on in a dark room helps us see more clearly.

James did a lot of partying in his final year and ran into diff iculties with his course. His father was hopping mad1 when he only just managed to get his degree. However, when he left university he walked straight into a job2 in an excellent company. Some people jumped to the conclusion that this was because he’d started going out with the managing director’s daughter. His mother worried that, if their relationship hit the rocks3, he would run into trouble at work too.

Using this book.
Learning about collocations.
1 What is a collocation?.
2 S trong, fixed and weak collocations.
3 Grammatical categories of collocation.
4 Finding and working on collocations in texts.
5 Register.
Varieties of collocations.
6 Metaphor.
7 Intensifying and softening adverbs.
8 Make and verbs that mean make.
9 Communicating.
10 Collocations with phrasal verbs.
Topics: work and study.
11 Working life.
12 New employment.
13 Thoughts and ideas.
14 Business reports.
15 Marketing.
16 Customer services.
17 Student life.
18 Writing essays, assignments and reports.
Topics: leisure and lifestyle.
19 Social life.
20 Talking.
21 In the news.
22 Current affairs.
23 Festivals and celebrations.
24 Cosmetics and fashion.
25 Commuting.
26 Travel and adventure.
27 sport.
28 Plans and decisions.
29 Film and book reviews.
Topics: the modern world.
30 Regulations and authority.
31 The environment.
32 Town and country life.
33 Personal finance.
34 The economy.
35 Social issues.
36 Science and technology.
37 Health and medicine.
38 Criminal justice.
39 War and peace.
Topics: people.
40 Friendship.
41 Youth and age.
42 Celebrities and heroes.
43 Negative opinions about people.
44 References.
45 Personality and behaviour.
Basic concepts.
46 Space and time.
47 Sound.
48 Making things easier.
49 Difficulty.
50 Quantity and size.
51 Change.
52 Stopping and starting.
53 Cause and effect.
54 Describing groups and amounts.
55 Comparing and contrasting.
56 Making an effort.
57 Social English.
58 Discussing issues.
59 Negative situations and feelings.
60 Positive situations and feelings.

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