English Plus, 7 сынып, Wetz B., 2016

English Plus, 7 сынып, Wetz B., 2016.

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And so, on 4th May I ar r ived at a little town called Bistr itz. Transylvania was a strange and beautiful place. There were mountains, trees and rivers everywhere. And somewhere high in the mountains was the Count’s home, Castle Dracula. I had six hours to wait before the coach came to take me there, so I went into a little hotel. Inside the hotel it was war m and friendly. The people there were all laughing and talking.

English Plus, 7 сынып, Wetz B., 2016

Feel the fear!
I hate spiders. A lot of people dislike spiders, but I’m really scared of them. If there’s a spider in a room, I won’t go in. I have stayed at friends’ houses three times because there were spiders in our house. It sounds ridiculous, but if you haven’t got a phobia, you won’t understand. I have got a phobia – arachnophobia.

Two months ago, I went with my mum to see a specialist called Mark Tanner. Mark has helped a lot of patients with phobias. Some patients had ‘normal’ phobias, like being frightened of dogs, or snakes, or the dark. Some patients had really weird ones, like phobias of bananas, or eating in public. He’s helped a girl with a phobia of school as well. She hasn’t been at school this year!

1 Family and school.
2 Communication and technology.
3 Holidays and travel.
4 Looking back: fashion and memory.
5 Space and Earth.
6 Entertainment and media.
7 Life in numbers.
8 Health and fitness.
9 Fears and disasters.

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