English Vocabulary in Use, Upper Intermediate, McCarthy M., O Dell F., 2006

English Vocabulary in Use, Upper Intermediate, McCarthy M., O'Dell F., 2006.

   In revising English Vocabulary in Use: Upper-intermediate we have made considerable use of the Cambridge International Corpus of written and spoken English. This enabled us to check that the example contexts for the language presented were the most natural ones. Where necessary, we have suggested different, more frequent, collocations or contexts.
In this second edition we have reorganised our units in a slightly more logical fashion and have introduced clearer headings for some of the sections. We have also created a new section, Words and pronunciation. In addition, we have made some other changes to the presentation materials and the exercises that we hope will make the book easier for students to use. The addition of colour in this edition will, we are sure, be a popular change.

English Vocabulary in Use, Upper Intermediate, McCarthy M., O'Dell F., 2006

Words from other languages.
English has borrowed words from most of the other languages with which it has had contact. It has taken many expressions from the ancient languages, Latin and Greek, and these borrowings often have academic or literary associations. From French, English has taken lots of words to do with cooking, the arts, and a more sophisticated lifestyle in general. From Italian come words connected with music and the plastic arts. German expressions in English have been coined either by tourists bringing back words for new things they saw or by philosophers or historians describing German concepts or experiences. Words borrowed from other languages often relate to things which English speakers experienced from the first time abroad.

There are borrowings from a wide range of languages. For example, from Japanese, tycoon, karate, origami, judo, futon and bonsai. From Arabic, mattress, cipher, alcove, carafe, algebra, harem and yashmak. From Turkish, yoghurt, jackal, kiosk, tulip and caftan; from Farsi, caravan, shawl, bazaar and sherbet, and from Eskimo, kayak, igloo and anorak.

Using this book.
Phonemic symbols.
Effective vocabulary learning.
Word formation.
Words and pronunciation.
Connecting and linking words.
Countables and uncountables.
Feelings and actions.
Basic concepts.
Idiomatic expressions.
Phrasal verbs and verb-based expressions.
Varieties of English.
Answer key.

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