Ubuntu Server Cookbook, Sawant U.R., 2016

Ubuntu Server Cookbook, Sawant U.R., 2016.


Welcome to Ubuntu Server Cookbook, a step-by-step guide to your own Ubuntu server. Ubuntu is an open source operating system, or rather, I should say that Ubuntu is a mission to provide quality software to everybody without any cost. As mentioned on the official site, the meaning of the word Ubuntu is I am, cause we are and Ubuntu is working hard towards their mission by being more than just a free operating system. Ubuntu is based on Debian, a well-established Linux distribution. However, Debian is kind of limited to geeks. Ubuntu added an easy user interface named Unity that made it popular with various desktop users. One answer on Ask Ubuntu compares Ubuntu and Debian to a local restaurant and a farmer, respectively. Ubuntu carefully selects the best things from Debian and adds its own flavors to make it easy and more enjoyable for the end users. It's still Debian at base, but it more easier to use and more stable with frequent updates and a definite release cycle.

Ubuntu Server Cookbook, Sawant U.R., 2016

What you need for this book.

The book is written with the help of Ubuntu server 16.04 and few virtual machines with VirtualBox. The recipes should work fine with Ubuntu version 14.04 and higher. For most of the recipes, a minimum hardware configuration of 512 MB memory with single CPU is enough. However, a few recipes such as OpenStack installation require additional hardware resources. The specific requirements are given in the respective recipes, if any. Feel free to use any virtualization tool of your choice. Also, you can skip the local set up and use cloud servers. Many cloud providers give free introductory service for limited period. You can use these services to test your setup.

Table of Contents.

Chapter 1: Managing Users and Groups
Chapter 2: Networking
Chapter 3: Working with Web Servers
Chapter 4: Working with Mail Servers
Chapter 5: Handling Databases
Chapter 6: Network Storage
Chapter 7: Cloud Computing
Chapter 8: Working with Containers
Chapter 9: Streaming with Ampache
Chapter 10: Communication Server with XMPP
Chapter 11: Git Hosting
Chapter 12: Collaboration Tools
Chapter 13: Performance Monitoring
Chapter 14: Centralized Authentication Service

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