Nginx HTTP Server, Nedelcu C., 2015

Nginx HTTP Server, Nedelcu C., 2015.


It is a well-known fact that the market for web servers has a long-established leader: Apache. According to recent surveys conducted in October 2015, almost 35 percent of the World Wide Web is served by this twenty-year old open source application. However, the same reports reveal the rise of a new competitor in the past few years: Nginx, a lightweight HTTP server originating from Russia and pronounced "engine x". What has caused so many server administrators to switch to Nginx since the beginning of the 2009? Is this tiny piece of software mature enough to run a high-traffic website?

Nginx HTTP Server, Nedelcu C., 2015

Setting up the prerequisites.

We have chosen to download the source code of the application and compile it manually, as opposed to installing it using a package manager, such as Yum, Aptitude, or Yast. There are two reasons for this choice. First, the package may not be available in the enabled repositories of your Linux distribution. In addition, the repositories that offer to download and install Nginx automatically often contain outdated versions. More importantly, you need to configure a variety of significant compile-time options. As a result of this choice of manual setup, your system will require some tools and libraries for the compilation process.

Table of Contents.

Chapter 1: Downloading and Installing Nginx
Chapter 2: Basic Nginx Configuration
Chapter 3: HTTP Configuration
Chapter 4: Module Configuration
Chapter 5: PHP and Python with Nginx
Chapter 6: Apache and Nqinx Together
Chapter 7: From Apache to Nginx
Chapter 8: Introducing Load Balancing and Optimization
Chapter 9: Case Studies
Chapter 10: Troubleshooting

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