Oxford Heroes 2, Teacher s book, Driscoll L., Quintana J., Robb Benne R.

Oxford Heroes 2, Teacher's book, Driscoll L., Quintana J., Robb Benne R.

   Oxford Heroes is an exciting new three-level course for young teenagers which takes them from beginner to intermediate level.
The key features of Oxford Heroes are:
an exciting cartoon story that presents the main language point of each unit in an enjoyable context
up-to-date and lively reading texts that motivate students and help them to develop their knowledge of the world
grammar and vocabulary sections that provide clear presentation and plenty of practice
a balanced skills syllabus that develops students’ ability in all four skills, providing clear models, variety of input and plenty of opportunities for students to speak and write
twelve songs that engage and motivate students and reinforce the language taught in each unit
revision sections after every two units that thoroughly recycle and reinforce the language taught
six projects and one play at the back of the book that teachers can use with their students whenever they choose.

Oxford Heroes 2, Teacher's book, Driscoll L., Quintana J., Robb Benne R.

The Competition.
The play The Competition is an optional drama activity which your students should enjoy. You could begin work on the play at any time after Unit 8. However, probably the best time to do it is towards the end of the school year.

You may decide to present the play in any of these ways:
- as a classroom activity only
- as an informal performance for another class
- as a Tull performance for an audience (for example, for an end-of-year concert).

• The following notes are only suggestions. A lot depends on how much time you have and how fully you want to develop the play as a performance.
• For a classroom activity, you may only want to spend about two hours on the play.
• For a full performance, you should probably allow about four hours over a two-week period. This should give students time to prepare, to rehearse and (if possible) to learn their lines at home.

About the course.
Using the Student's Book.
Using the Teacher's Book.
General advice on teaching Oxford Heroes.
Lesson plan.
Student profile.
Teaching diary.
Teaching notes.
We're back!.
Unit 1.
Unit 2.
Revision Units 1-2.
Unit 3.
Unit 4.
Revision Units 3-4.
Unit 5.
Unit 6.
Revision Units 5-6.
Unit 7.
Unit 8.
Revision Units 7-8.
Unit 9.
Unit 10.
Revision Units 9-10.
Unit 11.
Unit 12.
Revision Units 11-12.
Projects and play.
Play: The Competition.
Workbook Answer Keg.

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