Oxford Heroes 1, Workbook, Wildman J., Thompson T.

Oxford Heroes 1, Workbook, Wildman J., Thompson T.

   Oxford Heroes is an exciting new three-level course for young teenagers which takes them from beginner to intermediate level.
The key features of Oxford Heroes are:
an exciting cartoon story that presents the main language point of each unit in an enjoyable context
up-to-date and lively reading texts that motivate students and help them to develop their knowledge of the world
grammar and vocabulary sections that provide clear presentation and plenty of practice
a balanced skills syllabus that develops students’ ability in all four skills, providing clear models, variety of input and plenty of opportunities for students to speak and write
twelve songs that engage and motivate students and reinforce the language taught in each unit
revision sections after every two units that thoroughly recycle and reinforce the language taught
six projects and one play at the back of the book that teachers can use with their students whenever they choose.

Oxford Heroes 1, Workbook, Wildman J., Thompson T.

Choose the correct alternatives.
1 Jamie has got a / on apple for his teacher.
2 Are there some / any games on your computer?
3 I have got some / any chocolate in my bag.
4 There is a I on pen on the desk.
5 Is there some / any cheese in the fridge?
6 There are some / any books on Lisa's bed.
7 Can I have some / any sugar in my tea?
8 Penny has got a / an ice cream.

Read the e-mail. Which festival does Julie write about?
Hi, Ling
1 How are you? Tomorrow is 31 st December - New Year’s Eve - and I'm really excited about it. We have a fantastic festival in Edinburgh. It's called Hogmanay.

2 Hogmanay is a great celebration. It lasts for a few days. There are a lot of great events. You can watch fireworks, or go to a huge party in the street. The street party is famous. Thousands of people go there and celebrate.

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