Family and Friends 3, Class Book, Thompson T., Simmons N., 2014

Family and Friends 3, Class Book, Thompson T., Simmons N., 2014.

Фрагмент из книги.
Hi! My name's Robbie and I'm nine years old. I wear a uniform to go to school. I wear a white shirt and grey trousers, with black shoes. I wear a tie, too. In the winter, I wear a jumper to keep warm. I don't really like wearing my uniform, but it's easy to get dressed for school in the morning. I always know what to wear!

Family and Friends 3, Class Book, Thompson T., Simmons N., 2014

The Prince and the Pauper.
Tom Canty was a boy from a very poor family. His clothes were old and dirty and he never had enough food. However, Tom believed that he could have a better life one day. He was clever and he knew how to read and write. He wanted to get a good job and earn enough money to have a house, clothes and good food.

One day, Tom was outside the palace gates when he saw Prince Edward. Tom stood and watched the prince for a while. The guards tried to send Tom away, but the prince stopped them. The two boys were very surprised when they saw each other. They had very different lives, but they looked just the same. They had the same eyes, the same hair and the same faces. The only thing that was different was their clothes. Prince Edward invited Tom into the palace and the two boys talked about their lives. Edward had lots of money, fine clothes, jewels and plenty of food, but he had to stay in the palace and be quiet and good all the time. Tom had nothing, but he could play in the street with other boys and meet lots of interesting people.

Starter: My family.
1 They're from Australia!.
2 My weekend.
3 My things.
4 We're having fun at the beach!.
5 A naughty monkey!.
6 Jim's day.
7 Places to go!.
8 I'd like a melon!.
9 The fastest animal in the world.
10 In the park!.
11 In the museum.
12 A clever baby!.
13 The Ancient Egyptians.
14 Did you have a good day?.
15 Our holiday!.

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