Cambridge English, IELTS 14, General Training, Speaking Answers, 2019

Cambridge English, IELTS 14, General Training, Speaking Answers, 2019.

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Reading can be seen a part of modern culture and has become easier than ever thanks to the advent of technology. If books and specialized documents were only available for scholars and those with high social status in the past, anyone with curiosity and burning desire to learn can now get access to such materials easily. People can read not only from printed materials such as newspaper or magazines but digital ones like eReaders or online.

Cambridge English, IELTS 14, General Training, With Answers, 2019

1. How often do you read?
I like to read quite often. I read magazines and newspapers and my textbooks. Apart from that I have read a few novels by Amrita Pritam. I have read her Pinjar, which means skeleton.

2. Do you have many books at home?
No, I do not have any books at home. I only have my textbooks at home.

3. Do Indian people do enough reading?
Yes, Indian people do a lot of reading. They read magazines, newspapers, fiction and nonfiction such as biographies and autobiographies.

4. Do Indian people like to read?
(similar to above)

5. What kind of people like reading and what kind of people don't like reading very much?
People who are literate like to read. Many people don’t like reading because they don’t have interest in reading.

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