Home Fun Booklet 5, Capone M., 2017

Home Fun Booklet 5, Capone M., 2017.

   Welcome to The Home Fun Booklet! We hope you will use the activities inside to help your child practise English at home and with their friends.
Your child will bring home this booklet to practise with you what they have learned in class. You don’t need to be an English expert to help your child with these activities. Have fun and keep practising with your child. Try to use the vocabulary here in everyday life and games and don’t worry about making mistakes.
The picture dictionary at the end of the booklet (pages 26-31) is for your child to write in through the year. Ask them to write the words they know from all the topics. Make sure they can see they are progressing!

Home Fun Booklet 5, Capone M., 2017

Read and answer the questions.
Dear Peter.
How are you? I'm fine! I am doing a project to day about different schools all over the world. Let me tell you about mine. My school is in the city centre. It is next to the police station and I see the police cars pass by every day. When I was young I walked to school with my best friend and I still do today. There are 30 students in my class. I have a different teacher for each subject. My favourite teacher is Mr Young because he is nice and teaches maths. I love maths! Every day, I pack my rucksack with my school things. Today, I have a pair of scissors, some glue, a dictionary and my geography book. That is because I am studying art, French and geography today, we have two breaks a day and we have an hour for lunch. We eat lunch in the dining room with our friends. I often have homework and I study at home for three hours a day.
Tell me aboutyour school!

Listen again and answer the questions.
What is Harry’s favourite book?
What is Ben wearing today?
Why isn’t Sophia at school?
What colour is Emma’s rucksack?
What did William draw on the board?

Sports and leisure.
The world around us.
The body and the face.
Places and directions.
Let’s have fun!.
Picture dictionary.

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