Cambridge Primary, Stage 3, Activities to support you at home

Cambridge Primary, Stage 3, Activities to support you at home.

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A small book has 48 pages. Round the number of pages to the nearest 10. Would it be all right if the book was printed with the rounded number of pages? Explain your answer.
An aeroplane journey is 1794 miles or kilometres. Round to the nearest 1000 miles or kilometres. Would you use the rounded number to work out how much fuel to put in the aeroplane? Explain your answer.

Cambridge Primary, Stage 3, Activities to support you at home

Understanding adventure stories.
Read the story and answer the questions.
"But what happened to the dragon who'd been spiked by the spear?" asked Lily Granda shrugged. "Poor beast would be all heart-a-thumping for a time, I dare say. She'd lick her wound. In time she'd go back to sleep, but she wouldn't sleep easy. Frights like that live long after the reason for them is done with.

"One hot, humid summer's night, the people of the village were asleep. The dragons slept too, a slump of slumbering hills that rumbled every now and again with thundering snores.

"The Dragon Hills were still as stone - a gentle breeze coming from their sleeping breaths. A tiny puff of thistledown came floating on that breeze. It breathed up and down above the great beasts until, all of a sudden, it breathed right up into the nose of a dragon - the last one to have been spiked by the Fire Snatcher.

"She was only a young dragon, and she'd been made all jumpy-frit by the scare of it all. The thistledown tickled her nose and made her wake with a sneezy snort.

"A tiny spark from her fiery breath drifted onto the breeze and floated over to the village where it fell down into a pile of hay and burst into flames. Fire spread quick-fast.".

1 Why would some dragons not sleep very well?
2 What sounds came from the hills?
3 Which dragon woke up?
4 Why did the dragon wake up?
5 What did she do when she woke up?

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