Cambridge English, Vocabulary for Advanced with answers, Haines S., 2012

Cambridge English, Vocabulary for Advanced with answers, Haines S., 2012.

   Are you preparing for the Cambridge English: Advanced exam?
Do you want to practise all the vocabulary you need to be confident in the exam?
Cambridge Vocabulary for Advanced covers the vocabulary that occurs in the exam and provides the following:
error warnings to help you avoid common mistakes
regular tests to check your progress
practice exam tasks for the Reading, Writing, Use of English, Listening and Speaking papers
useful tips on how to approach exam tasks
techniques for learning and remembering vocabulary
a full wordlist for easy reference
vocabulary in a listening context.

Cambridge English, Vocabulary for Advanced with answers, Haines S., 2012

Choose the correct phrasal verb with take in these sentences.
1 The mini-disk was a wonderful invention but it never really took off / took up commercially.
2 I hear they’re taking up / taking on a hundred new employees at the aircraft factory.
3 A small IT firm in our town has been taken out / taken over by a large multinational corporation.
4 When I started work in the laboratory, they took me round / took me through all the safety procedures.
5 My brother has decided to take up / take to medicine as a career.
6 The doctor has said I’m okay now, so he's taken me away / taken me off the tablets.
7 I find it difficult to take up / take in what people are saying when I'm tired.

Read the first paragraph of an article about electric cars. According to the writer, what is the main problem associated with these cars?
I would love electric cars to work, but they have their problems and the biggest of these is battery technology. Portable electronic gadgets like laptops, mobiles and cameras have long suffered from the limitations of the humble battery. In fact, while the performance of electronics has increased by 10,000% in the past 35 years, battery technology has lagged behind with only a sixfold increase in a century. This imbalance has important implications for the electric car. Many drivers wont consider replacing their conventional petrol-powered car with an electric model until the differences in price and performance narrow dramatically.

Map of the book.
Cambridge English: Advanced Exam summary.
Unit 1 Cities.
Unit 2 Personal history.
Unit 3 The arts.
Unit 4 Migrations.
Unit 5 Risking it.
Test one.
Unit 6 Gender issues.
Unit 7 Education.
Unit 8 Health.
Unit 9 Getting about.
Unit 10 Moods.
Test two.
Unit 11 Fame and fortune.
Unit 12 Relationships.
Unit 13 Time off.
Unit 14 Media.
Unit 15 The world of work.
Test three.
Unit 16 Economics and business.
Unit 17 The living world.
Unit 18 Personal contact.
Unit 19 Environment.
Unit 20 Science and technology.
Test four.
Appendix 1 Writing.
Appendix 2 Spelling.
Appendix 3 Speaking Part 1 questions.
Appendix 4 Prefixes and suffixes.
Appendix 5 Word families.
Recording scripts.
Answer key.

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