Cambridge English, Advanced, Result, Teacher’s Pack, Ludlow K., 2014

Cambridge English, Advanced, Result, Teacher's Pack, Ludlow K., 2014.

   Cambridge English: Advanced Result is a shorter, contemporary and attractively designed course with unusual, eye-catching artwork. It covers the major language skills, and provides students with comprehensive preparation for the Cambridge English: Advanced exam at the Council of Europe Cl level. Its lively, up-to-date texts are taken from authentic sources, such as newspapers, magazines, brochures and books, and include interviews and radio programmes. Its engaging topics are designed to stimulate interest and provoke discussion.

Cambridge English, Advanced, Result, Teacher's Pack, Ludlow K., 2014

What are you like?
In pairs or small groups ask students to compare their ideal jobs and any qualities they think might be necessary for the jobs they choose, e.g. designer: you d have to be pretty creative and innovative. Make a class list of nouns/adjectives for job qualities and check pronunciation and word stress.

2 Before students do the quiz, check they understand the phrasal verbs in the text (break out, get on with, stick with) and other words or expressions as appropriate (mingle, leap in, get stuck). Refer students to the key on page 153 and make sure they understand the scoring system.

Suggested answer.
Students may suggest the quiz isn’t accurate because it tends to offer two extreme options and a more measured response for each situation or problem. They may also feel that the jobs suggested require other skills or abilities rather than personality traits, or that there is too much overlap or contradiction in the results.

Student's Book Contents.
Unit 1.
Unit 2.
Unit 3.
Unit 4.
Unit 5.
Unit 6.
Unit 7.
Unit 8.
Unit 9.
Unit 10.
Unit 11.
Unit 12.
Unit Tests.
Unit Tests Key.
Progress Tests.
Progress Tests Key.
Assessing the Writing paper.
Assessing the Speaking paper.
Using the On line Practice.

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