Oxford heroes, tests book and answers 3

Oxford heroes, tests book and answers 3.

7 Choose the correct alternatives.

1 We've lived I We lived in a flat for years, but now we live in a house.
2 John started his homework an hour ago, but he's already finished I he already finished it.
3 Have you stayed I Did you stay at home last weekend?
4 Melissa has been I was in the school band for six months, and she really loves it.
5 We were in London last week, but we haven't seen I didn't see the Robbie Williams concert.

Oxford heroes, tests book and answers 3

10 Complete the sentences with words from the text.

1 Professional footballers earn a f_____________.
2 When we were on holiday, we had the о_____________to have a ride in a helicopter.
3 Strong wind and heavy rain can r_____________ a holiday.
4 Film stars spend a lot of money, and lots of them have very g_____________lives.

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