Oxford heroes, tests 2, book and answers

Oxford heroes, tests 2, book and answers.


Most modern computers have a DVD-drive. You can use this machine to listen to music CDs and to watch your favourite films. You can also use it to read CD-ROMs. CD-ROMs hold the same information as thousands of pages of a book. Why will people buy books from bookshops if they can read them on their computer screen? Why will they borrow books from libraries? Research recently showed that books and newspapers are still very popular. Computers are expensive, but books and newspapers cost very little. But the big advantage is that you can pick up a book quickly and easily and then put it down again.You don't have to worry about opening programs or saving data. Most experts say that books will continue to exist, but that we will use them in a different way. People didn't stop writing letters after the invention of the telephone in 1876. Firstly, not everyone had a telephone. But, more importantly, people started sending letters for different purposes. Today, people don't write personal letters. They use their mobile phones and e-mail instead. Similarly, before the invention of the camera, we used paintings to record how people looked. Today, we use cameras to do this, but it doesn't mean that there are no new paintings and painters.

Oxford heroes, tests 2, book and answers

2 Write sentences in the present perfect. Put the word in brackets in the correct position.

1 I/eat/an apple (just)
2 they/see/the film (already)
3 we/not/wash/our hands (yet)
4 he/read/that book (already)
5 she/get back/from school (just)

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