Cambridge English, super minds, teacher s resource book 5, Holcombe G., 2013

Cambridge English, super minds, teacher's resource book 5, Holcombe G., 2013.

The Teacher's Resource Book contains photocopiable worksheets which provide extra language practice for those teachers and students following Super Minds Level 5. In addition, for each of the ten Student's Book units there are two progress tests, one based on listening and one on reading and writing. They cover the same content as the photocopiable worksheets.

Cambridge English, super minds, teacher's resource book 5, Holcombe G., 2013

Worksheet 1: In the Science lesson.

Using the worksheet
This worksheet revises science-related vocabulary: shelf, goggles, instructions, apron, explosion, bubbles, test tube, liquid, gloves, powder. It also develops the students' ability to work with anagrams.
Students work individually or in pairs to solve the anagrams, then match the words to the pictures. Students then read the sentences and decide whether they are true or false.
Optional follow-up activity: Demonstrate how to play the sticker game. Write the science vocabulary on sticky notes. Stick these notes on students' backs and then tell students to mingle. Students ask Yes/No questions to different students each time to find out what the words are. e.g. Do I wear this thing? I Is this thing dangerous?

Worksheet 3: What did you... ?

Using the worksheet
• This worksheet practises past simple questions with Did. It also practises the question words When. Where. What and How.
• Students read the questions end complete them using Did or a question word, then match the questions to the answers by drawing lines.
• Students order the words to form questions in the past simple. They then work in pairs to ask and answer the questions.
Optional follow-up activity: Students work in pairs. They write down five things they did last week. They must not show what they have written to their partner. Students then take turns to try to guess what their partner did. by asking 'Did you ... T questions, e.g. Did you see your -friends? Did you play computer games? Students have two minutes to question their partner and find out the five activities.


Teacher's notes and worksheets.
The Science lesson.
Unit 1 Disaster!
Unit 2 In the rainforest.
Unit 3 The rock V roll show.
Unit 4 Space restaurant.
Unit 5 The Wild West.
Unit 6 In Istanbul.
Unit 7 The story teller.
Unit 8 Museum of the future.
Unit 9 Mystery at sea.
Tests The Science lesson.
Tests Unit 1.
Tests Unit 2.
Tests Unit 3.
Tests Unit 4.
Tests Unit 5.
Tests Unit 6.
Tests Unit 7.
Tests Unit 8.
Tests Unit 9.
Test tapescripts and answer keys.

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