Cambridge English, super minds, teacher s resource book 4 Holcombe G., 2012

Cambridge English, teacher's resource book 4, Holcombe G., 2012.

The Teacher's Resource Book contains photocopiable worksheets which provide extra Language practice for those teachers and students following Super Minds Level 4. In addition, for each of the ten Student's Book units there are two progress tests, one based on listening and one on reading and writing. They cover the same content as the photocopiable worksheets.

Cambridge English, super minds, teacher's resource book 4, Holcombe G., 2012

Worksheet 3: Did you... ?

Using the worksheet.

This worksheet practises Wh and Yes/No questions and short answers in the simple past,
• Students read the questions and choose the correct answer.
Students then use the verbs in the box and write six questions in the simple past to ask a partner.
Optional follow-up activity: Play Hot potato (see page 4). For this game you will need a small ball and some up-tempo music. Make some space in the classroom and demonstrate how to play. Students stand in a circle and throw and catch the ball across the circle to the music. Stop the music. The student who has the ball when the music stops has to ask a second student a correct question, using the simple past. If either the question or answer is wrong, the speaker is out. The game continues.


Teacher's notes and worksheets.
Well done, Ben and Lucy!
Unit 1 In the museum.
Unit 2 The world around us.
Unit 3 Danger!
Unit 4 Two return tickets.
Unit 5 Police!
Unit 6 Mythical beasts.
Unit 7 Orchestra practice.
Unit 8 In the planetarium.
Unit 9 At the campsite.
Tests Well done, Ben and Lucy!
Tests Unit 1.
Tests Unit 2.
Tests Unit 3.
Tests Unit 4.
Tests Unit 5.
Tests Unit 6.
Tests Unit 7.
Tests Unit 8.
Tests Unit 9.
Test teacher's notes, typescripts and answer keys.

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