Academic Vocabulary in Use, Vocabulary reference and practice, McCarthy M., O’Dell F., 2016

Academic Vocabulary in Use, Vocabulary reference and practice, McCarthy M., O’Dell F., 2016.

  This book is for anyone who wants or needs to learn the kind of English which is used in academic contexts. It deals with the language used in written works such as textbooks and journal articles as well as with the spoken language of lectures and seminars. It also presents vocabulary relating to being a student at a university or college in that it covers topics relating to university life. It will be particularly useful for students preparing for IELTS, the Pearson Academic English Test or any other examination aimed at assessing whether candidates’ English is at a high enough level to study in an institution where English is the medium of instruction. It will be helpful for people who need to attend - or indeed give - lectures or presentations in English or to participate in international conferences. It will enable students who have to prepare assignments or write up a dissertation in English to do so in |a much more natural and appropriate way.

Academic Vocabulary in Use, Vocabulary reference and practice, McCarthy M., O’Dell F., 2016

Use the information in A opposite to correct the mistakes with prepositions in the sentences.
1 A lengthy discussion of the advantages of solar power is not relevant with this essay topic.
2 It is typical to the disease for it to start with an itchy rash.
3 This methodology is not appropriate about the kind of research you are planning.
4 The use of original metaphors is characteristic from the writer’s style.
5 Relative with previous explanations, this theory is quite persuasive.
6 Dark hair and eyes are common for all people from the region.

Replace the underlined adjectives with their opposites.
1 Karlsson checked the figures and agreed with me that they were accurate.
2 The solution to the problem is a simple one.
3 Make rough calculations before you begin to write up your results.
4 The army played a significant role in events.
5 Hernandez prefers to discuss ideas in abstract terms.
6 Volkova’s article reports on a fascinating piece of quantitative research.

To the student and the teacher.
0 Before you start.
Getting started: General academic vocabulary.
1 What is special about academic English?
2 Key nouns.
3 Key verbs.
4 Key adjectives.
5 Key adverbs.
6 Phrasal verbs in academic English.
7 Key quantifying expressions.
8 Words with several meanings.
9 Metaphors and idioms.
Word combinations.
10 Nouns and the words they combine with.
11 Adjective and noun combinations.
12 Verbs and the words they combine with.
13 Prepositional phrases.
14 Verbs and prepositions.
15 Nouns and prepositions.
16 Chunks: useful phrases.
17 Abbreviations and affixes.
Academic life.
18 Applications and application forms.
19 The social and academic environment.
20 Academic courses.
21 E-learning.
22 Study habits and skills.
23 Money and education.
Planning and starting work.
24 Identifying goals.
25 Planning a piece of work.
26 Describing methods.
27 Using sources.
Thinking and interacting.
28 Analysing data.
29 Talking about ideas.
30 Reporting what others say.
31 Talking about meaning.
32 Talking about points of view.
Ways of talking about …
33 Numbers.
34 Statistics.
35 Graphs and diagrams.
36 Time.
37 Cause and effect.
38 Classifying.
Organising and presenting ideas.
39 Structuring an argument.
40 Organising your writing.
41 Processes and procedures.
42 Facts, evidence and data.
43 Making connections.
44 Describing problems.
45 Describing situations.
46 Comparing and contrasting.
47 Evaluation and emphasis.
48 Describing change.
49 Summarising and concluding.
50 Making a presentation.
Reading and vocabulary.
1 Nutrition for elite athletes.
2 The solar system.
3 Graphology.
4 Measuring time.
5 Archaeology and medicine.
6 Seeing things differently.
1 Formal and informal academic words and expressions.
2 Numbers, units of measurement and common symbols.
3 British and North American academic vocabulary.
4 Spelling variations.
5 Word formation.
Answer key.
Phonemic symbols.

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