Business Vocabulary in Use, Advanced, Mascull B., 2010

Business Vocabulary in Use, Advanced, Mascull B., 2010.

  This page introduces new vocabulary and expressions for each thematic or skills area. The presentation is divided into a number of sections indicated by letters: А, В, C, etc., with simple, clear titles.
In this second edition of Business Vocabulary in Use Advanced, explicit reference is made to the business material in the Cambridge International Corpus (CIC) - business pages of newspapers, business textbooks, and business meetings and discussions. The texts are stored in a database, which is searchable in various ways to reveal the patterns of business usage. The database has been exploited to identify typical word combinations found in the data, and there are notes about their relative frequency.

Business Vocabulary in Use, Advanced, Mascull B., 2010

Ethical investment.
Activist shareholders.
The biggest shareholders in many companies are institutional investors such as investment funds - funds that group together the money of many different investors. There has been criticism that institutional investors are not active enough in the companies that they invest in - for example, when they do not vote at shareholders’ meetings.

And in the banking crisis of 2007-9, there was criticism that shareholders had not challenged the decisions being made by the banks’ executives. Critics say that good corporate governance (see Unit 52) requires activist shareholders who take a more active role in the way that the companies that they invest in are run.

Controversial products.
George Unwin is a fund manager for an ethical investment fund:
’People and organizations who put their money into our fund want us to invest it in ethical ways. We want to avoid companies that have a bad record on social and environmental issues. We particularly want to avoid certain sectors: tobacco, arms manufacturers, nuclear power or uranium producers. So we put our clients’ money into funds that do not invest in these activities.

'In selecting companies to invest in, we look closely at how they are managed. We are particularly interested in issues of corporate governance. We believe that well-managed companies are more profitable to invest in. As ever, transparency and accountability (see Unit 48) are key.’

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