Business Vocabulary in Use, Intermediate, Mascull B., 2010

Business Vocabulary in Use, Intermediate, Mascull B., 2010.

 Business Vocabulary in Use Elementary to Pre-intermediate will help Elementary to Pre-intermediate learners of business English learn business vocabulary. It is for people studying English before they start work and those who need English in their job.
In addition to improving your business vocabulary, the book helps you to learn the language needed for important business communication skills.

Business Vocabulary in Use, Intermediate, Mascull B., 2010

Work and jobs.
What do you do?
To find out what someone’s job is, you ask ‘What do you do?’
Kerstin talks about her job:
‘I work for a large European car maker. I work on car design. In fact, I run the design department and I manage a team of designers: 20 people work under me. It’s very interesting. One of my main responsibilities is to make sure that new model designs are finished on time. I’m also in charge of design budgets.
‘I deal with a lot of different people in the company. I’m responsible for coordination between design and production: I work with managers at our manufacturing plants.’

Types of job and types of work
A full-time job is one for the whole of the normal working week; a part-time job is for less time than that. You say that someone works full-time or part-time.
A permanent job does not finish after a fixed period; a temporary job finishes after a fixed period.
You talk about temporary work and permanent work.

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