Objective First, Teacher s Book, Capel A., Sharp W., 2014

Objective First, Teacher's Book, Capel A., Sharp W., 2014.

  Teacher's Book with Teacher's Resources CD-ROM.
The Teacher’s Resources CD-ROM that accompanies the Teachers Book includes a selection of photocopiable resources: 12 progress tests, wordlists with and without definitions; and a list of Bl phrasal verbs for review purposes, taken from the English Vocabulary Profile.

Objective First, Teacher's Book, Capel A., Sharp W., 2014

The virtual world.
1 Exercises 1, 2 and 3 all provide opportunities for speaking, allowing you to find out what vocabulary students already know within the topic of computer games. Encourage them to-talk about examples of different types of game, e.g. fantasy, combat, sport.

Then refer students to the dictionary definition for nerd taken from the Cambridge Learner's Dictionary. Check understanding of this word and elicit students' reactions to the statement.

2 Ask students to discuss the question in groups.
Then summarise on the board the advantages and disadvantages of playing online computer games.

3 Get students to spend up to five minutes deciding on the five most important features from a-h. This is a useful pre-reading task as a-h highlight some of the phrases from the texts. Elicit students' ideas of other important features.

Map of Student's Book.
Exam information.
Introduction to the Fourth Edition.
Unit 1.
Fashion matters.
Unit 2.
The virtual world.
Unit 3.
Going places.
Unit 4.
Unit 5.
Mixed emotions.
Unit 6.
What if?.
Speaking folder 1.
Units 1-6 Get it Right!.
Units 1-6 Revision.
Unit 7.
Life's too short.
Growing up.
Unit 9.
The hard sell.
Unit 10.
The final frontier.
Unit 11.
Like mother, like daughter.
Unit 12.
A great idea.
Speaking folder 2.
Units 7-12 Get it Right!.
Units 7-12 Revision.
Unit 13.
Education for life.
Unit 14.
Career moves.
Unit 15.
Too many people?.
Unit 16
Eat to live.
Unit 17.
Collectors and creators.
Unit 18.
What's in a book?.
Speaking folder 3.
Units 13-18 Get it Right!.
Units 13-18 Revision.
Unit 19.
An apple a day.
Unit 20.
No place to hide.
Unit 21.
Urban decay, suburban hell.
Unit 22.
A world of music.
Unit 23.
Unexpected events.
Unit 24.
Anything for a laugh.
Speaking folder 4.
Units 19-24 Get it Right!.
Units 19-24 Revision.
Speaking folder 5.
Pronunciation folder.

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